A Heart To Heart Talk With Our Brothers

My brothers, a lot of you are struggling with shame and guilt because you love another woman in addition to your wife. There is something you need to know about our culture before we were enslaved in America, so that you can understand why you feel the way you do, and what is the appropriate way to handle these situations.

The Female Solution, Part 1

One woman says she's ready to share her husband...another says "No Way!"

A panel of women engage in a lively discussion with an audience on the issues presented by the idea of men being allowed to legally have more than one wife. How do you share finances equally? What about children? How do women in cultures where they already practice this really feel about it?

The Female Solution, Part 2

 They'll Never Overcome Jealousy, One Man Says, Another Says He's Seen it Succeed! One Woman Declares "It's A Necessity for our Community!"

Men and women hotly disagree about whether polygyny (multiple wives) is a natural way of life, a practical solution to a social crisis, or an ungodly idea. Are women in America ready for The Female Solution? Can men handle it? What do you think?

The Female Solution, Part 3

If the U.S. President can support the rights of homosexuals to legally marry, shouldn't heterosexual women have those same legal rights?

Wars abroad and violence at home have killed off too many young men in America. There simply are not enough single men for every unmarried woman who wants a husband. We need a practical solution that makes sense.  Should men in America be allowed to legally have more than one wife? You decide.

A Change of Heart, Part 1

This world can be a beautiful place to live, a place where there is no hate, only love and happiness. It's not impossible to achieve. We just have to help those who are lacking in love in their hearts. If you find someone without a smile, share one of yours!  Spread love whereever you go, and wherever you are will be a place where there is love.

A Change of Heart, Part 2

We can create a world where there is no poverty, no hunger, no suffering.  All we have to do is share! People who are greedy and selfish hoard things that other people need. That's what really creates poverty. So, those of us who know better have to set an example for those who haven't yet learned.  If you find someone without money, food, clothing, or a place to stay, share what you have with them! Then we'll all have what we need.

A Change of Heart, Part 3

The Earth belongs to all of us, it was given to all of us for free, to share with each other. But some people think they own land and water. They want to control who can live on the land, who can grow food, who can drink water, who can have shelter from the cold. They want us all to work as slaves to pay them to live.  We have to teach them that they are mistaken.  No one can own the Earth or any parts of it, any more than they can own the air we breathe. We have to help those people get rid of the greed and selfishness that caused them to create an unjust financial system. That's why the economies across the world are collapsing! It was all unfair to begin with! So now, let's rebuild our world, and make it fair for everybody. And as for those people who want to hold on to a way of life where they control everything and deprive others of what they need to live - we can help them become decent human beings who know how to share. All they need is a change of heart.

A Change of Heart, Part 4

I love you, you're a wonderful person, you make life better for all of us! And I know you feel the same way about me.  You and I feel good about ourselves because people told us good things about ourselves. We can give love because we have received love. But those who have been neglected, mistreated, and abused don't feel loved. They don't care about others because others haven't cared about them. They can shoot, stab, beat up, and steal from others because they don't realize they, too, are a part of our family here on Earth. So we have to show them love. That's what our spiritual teachers have taught us is the real answer for bringing peace to our world.

Dr. Lincoln Scott's Hope House of Prayer

Dr. Lincoln Scott was moved to organize a shelter for homeless men on the west side of Chicago after learning that two homeless men froze to death in the cold. His shelter provided beds and sleeping space as well as hot meals and a place to clean up. The shelter was a lifesaver for the homeless who suffer badly during the cold season.

DuSable Leadership Academy Students: DLA Says READ!

Students from Naimah Latif's Freshman English Class at DuSable Leadership Academy on the South Side of Chicago compose original lyrics and produce a short music video that encourages their peers to read books in order to learn and improve themselves academically.