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The Media Connection: Books Over Balls Presents John L. Alexander, Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer and Motivational Speaker John L. Alexander gives an encouraging message to  youth participating in the program Books Over Balls.

The Media Connection: CAAAP Captures Windy City Bulls and Books Over Balls

Photographers from the Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers, under the directionof official team photographer John L. Alexander, converge on the Sears Center Arena to capture the final game of the Season for the Windy City Bulls Basketball team.

The Media Connection: Meet Chicao Alliance of African American Photographres President Kaye Cooksey

Chicago Alliance of African American Photographers President Kaye Cooksey discusses the importance of professional photographers capturing historic moments at the 2017 Madeleine Albright Awards sponsored by the National Democratic Institute in Washington DC.

The Media Connection: Inmates Celebrate Christmas At Cook County Jail 2013

Community activists, entertainers and elected officials join Rev. Jesse Jackson at Cook County Jail on Christmas Day 2013 to offer encouragegment and motivation to inmates. Rev. Jackson pledged to work with lawyers to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of inmates who are in jail on non violent offenses and have been waiting years behind bars for trial, unable to be released because they cannot afford bail.

The Media Connection: Freeport Workers Protest Romney Closing Plant, Sending Jobs to China

Rev. Jesse Jackson joins employees of Sensata Technologies to protest the closing of the manufacturing plant in Freeport, Illinois. Workers are angry because this plant, of which former Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is a major stock holder, is sending their jobs to China where workers are paid the low wage of just .99 cents an hour. Union members have joined in this protest which they say undermines Union labor and increases unemployment in the U.S. Protesters say that this is an example of the economic plans of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, whose businesses they say will lead to greater financial distress among U.S. families with the outsourcing of American jobs to cheap labor markets abroad.

The Media Connection: Surviving Cancer

Breast cancer survivors Veronique Thomas and Melbra Anne Smith discuss their personal experience with facing cancer, helping loved ones to cope and ultimately beating the disease. Veronique, a commedianne, is also spokesperson for Bras for Hope, an organization that provides special bras for women who had mastectomies. Melbra counsels families with loved ones who are battling cancer. Show host Naimah Latif recalls her experience in handling the terminal illness of her late husband Sultan Abdul Latif. She describes in her book "Visits From The Dream State", how he kept his promise to her to return from "the other side" and explain the phenomenon of what we know as "death." She presents her book to those who are struggling with grief and fears of death, as a reassurance, from her own personal experience, that life never ends.

The Media Connection: First Lady Michelle Obama Presents National Student Poets

Walter Payton College Prep student Stella Binion of Chicago was among the five 2016 National Student Poets who spoke at a special White House ceremony conducted by First Lady Michelle Obama. The job of a National Student Poet is to be a literary ambassador to his or her peers, spreading messages of social consciousness through the art of the spoken word, in the form of poetry, hiphop or story telling. Students were selected representing the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest and Midwest regions of the United States.

Unity In Diversity TV Show Examines "The Female Solution"

Azaka Ajanaku, host of Unity in Diversity, interviews Naimah Latif about the proposal presented in The Female Solution regarding allowing men to have multiple wives as a way to address the crisis of absent fathers. Magda Desir, host of The Magda Show, points out the difficulties young women face trying to find suitable mates when so many young men grew up without fathers in their homes to give them guidance on manhood.  Naimah explains the importance of boys and girls having good fathers in their homes in order to learn how to form healthy male/female relationships.