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The Female Solution

The Female Solution Radio Show features conversations about our personal relationships and how we can heal the personal wounds and be restored to emotional health. Hosted by Naimah Latif, these shows provide some spirited discussions on issues such as marital infidelity, jealousy, domestic violence, sexual abuse, abandonment, homelessness, and a host of other issues that affect the way we feel about ourselves and the way we raise our children. Excerpts from the book The Female Solution will be examined and discussed. Many noted journalists such as CNN commentator Roland Martin shown here receiving his copy of the book, have voiced strong opinions regarding the critical role of men in providing stability to the family. Now you can listen every morning Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 9:00am CST at Call in to participate in our lively discussions at 515-605-9325!

Gang violence has claimed the lives of too many youth. Community activist Wallace "Gator" Bradley shares insight with host Naimah Latif on how the men in the community have the power to restore the peace.

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Today's American culture rejects legal polygamy yet accepts, even expects, men to have secret girlfriends outside of their marriages. How is this affecting relationships? Is it time to make some serious adjustments in our cultural approach to marriage, to restore trust and respect between men and women?

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The Word Is In You

Radio hosts Naimah Latif and John Alexander offered words of inspiration and encouragement to listeners on their weekly radio The Word is In You, airing every Monday at 5pm on WBGX radio station in Chicago, and streaming live on the Internet.  Callers often sought advice on marriage and family relationships. Naimah discussed issues regarding women and the challenges of sustaining good marriages as explained in her book The Female Solution. John presented topics from a male perspective as addressed in his upcoming book The Cry Within The Man. Guests on the show included religious leaders from various faiths who provided spiritual insight on how to handle difficult family situations.

"The Word Is In You" Radio Show
What do you do when members of the family of your spouse, or spouse-to-be, don't like you and don't want you in the family? Should their attitude be allowed to affect your marriage?
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Touching Base With T.D. El-Amin

WGNU Radio Host Talibdin El-Amin featured author Naimah Latif on a regular radio broadcast live from St. Louis, MO.  Listeners called in to his radio show Touching Base With TD El-Amin to discuss the groundbreaking, internationally acclaimed book Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma, written by Naimah Latif along with her late husband Sultan Abdul Latif. This work is a commonly used reference book for those studying the lingering effects of the American slave system. Many psychologists have used this book in documenting the post traumatic stress disorder- type symptoms still suffered by many African Americans today.  Naimah also discussed her highly controversial book The Female Solution, and explored the present day condition of marriage in America, noting that more than 62% end in divorce. She explores the proposition of allowing the emotionally mature, financially stable, spiritually guided men to legally marry more than one wife. This, she noted, would bring more emotional and financial support for single women raising children and bring more stabililty to communities where strong male leadership is absent.

WGNU Radio, St. Louis: Touching Base With TD El Amin
Naimah Latif discusses the techniques mothers need to know when raising children, particularly sons, as explained in her book The Female Solution
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WGNU Radio, St. Louis: Touching Base with TD El Amin
Naimah Latif discusses gay marriage and offers some dos and don'ts for raising sons as outlined in her book "The Female Solution."
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WGNU Radio, St. Louis: Touching Base with TD El Amin
Naimah Latif discusses her personal experiences with life after death as described in her book "Visits from the Dream State."
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