WGN News Anchor Robert Jordan and Rainbow PUSH supporter Catherine Riddley join Naimah Latif on Thanksgiving Day 2013 at the National Headquarters of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in Chicago where a group of volunteers served veterans a delicious Thanksgiving dinner as a way to express appreciation for the service and sacrifice of those in the U.S. military.  Among the volunteers were elected officials, media personalities, and organization representatives, who came to help in the effort and hear Rev. Jesse Jackson give a word of encouragement to our veterans.

Rev. Willie Taplin Barrow, one of the founding members of PUSH and a legendary leader of protest movements since the days of Operation Breadbasket, shares a moment with Naimah Latif, another one of her newly adopted "Godchildren."  Rev. Barrow is author of the book "How to Get Married and Stay Married."

Chicago's Third Ward Alderman Pat Dowell and Naimah Latif discuss the comments made by President Bill Clinton and Mayor Rahm Emanuel during President Clinton's visit to a Chicago factory to support Mayor Emanuel's economic development plans. Since becoming Alderman, Pat Dowell has focused on creating jobs in her Ward.

Presenters Naimah Latif and John Alexander quiz students at Malcolm X College during a recent Black History Month program. Students viewed an exerpt of the film A Hip Hop Journey With The Ancestors, the musical docudrama based on the book Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma. They learned about the impact of historic figures in Black History and discussed how their own present day social behavior is influenced by events from the past. 

Internationally acclaimed professor, author and lecturer Dr. Cornell West was happy to receive his personally autographed copy of The Female Solution by Naimah Latif during the National Newspaper Publishers Association 2011 conference held in Chicago. Dr. West joined Rev. Jesse Jackson, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga, Dr. Benjamin Chavis and others in an intense panel discussion on the effectiveness of black owned media.  Members of the panel received copies of the book to prepare them to express their opinion in the ongoing national debate surrounding the very critical issues raised in The Female Solution regarding the role of husbands and fathers in the home.

Justice Joy Virginia Cunningham, recent candidate for the Illinois Supreme Court, and Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson, wife of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, enjoy a stimulating discussion with Naimah Latif after the Saturday Morning Forum broadcast live at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition's national headquarters in Chicago.  Justice Cunningham waged a spirited campaign and finished the race in second place in a field of four candidates for the position.

Secretary of State Jesse White receives his personally autographed copy of Naimah Latif's book The Female Solution at a special event to promote Democratic party candidates running for office throughout Illlinois. Jesse White was the featured speaker at this event, held at Union Park Restaurant in Chicago, which rallied supporters from the business, entertainment, sports and media industries to gear up for the November 2012 election.