"Still" The Moment With Powerful Photographic Images

Whether you are creating a postcard, a poster, a billboard, or are illustrating a news story, the photograph always leaves a powerful impression. Led by Senior Photographer John L. Alexander, the professional crew of John L. Alexander Photography captures the moments that live forever in history.  Covering everything from sporting events and concerts to press conferences and crime scenes, John L. Alexander Photography produces powerful images that leap off the page and grab readers even before they read the text.  As Senior Photographer for John L. Alexander Photography, John L. Alexander views society through the lens of his camera and captures people, places and events for publications distributed around the world. His keen eye for a balanced composition, lighting and color creates that special signature that defines his unique photographic style. He has been entrusted with preserving the images of Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Congressman, Senators, Judges, Police Chiefs, Business Executives, Sports Figures, Entertainers, and professionals from all walks of life whose photos retain those special moments in time to be shared with future generations. For your next wedding, graduation, prom, public speech, family reunion, or other special event, call John L. Alexander Photography. It's time to "still" the moment. Preserve your memories. For more photo samples and pricing, go to www.igotyourphotos.com.