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I hope you enjoy reading my books, watching my videos and listening to my radio shows. My mission is to touch your heart, enlighten your mind, and inspire you to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  No matter who we are, where we live, what we look like, what we believe or what language we speak, we are all one family. There are no strangers in this world...only members of your family you haven't met yet!

I'm looking forward to meeting you in your city, to speak to your school or organization. To request an appearance, schedule a workshop or organize a panel discussion, please write to me at

 You may order books online on this website on the Books page. For bookstores, you may place wholesale orders by contacting my Publishing Company:

  • Latif Communications Group, Inc.
  • P.O. Box 87251
  • Chicago, IL 60680-0251
  • Phone: (312) 849-FILM (3456)


I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your questions, comments or requests in the Comments section below:

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  • Thelma Walker (Thursday, March 14 13 04:09 pm EDT)

    Love the web site. Did you have it designed or use a host site?

  • Kevin "Q" Alsop (Saturday, May 18 13 02:04 pm EDT)

    Peace and Blessings sister Latif, I am truly blessed by your words of wisdom. I believe God has also given me this same revelation as yourself concerning the healing of our people. How we will not be
    able to overcome the evils of this world without each other. This is a message for the masses that God has preserved a remnant for Himself to spread. As we know everything is not for everybody. The
    father is and integral part of our community and because of the wiles of the enemy our people have been duped into thinking that we don't need each other. I am a man that is in love with my beautiful
    caring wife as well as another beautiful caring women, one who I have reunited with after almost 40 years. I believe that it is the will of God that I be able to be a covering for her as well as her
    son which she believes also. Of course the issue is with my wife, to her credit I must say although she objects she does not raise hell. I believe that she just lacks the true understanding of the
    principle and looks at it as I am having sex with another woman. I am going to purchase your book for my 2 wives and I believe this will help. I have so much to say cant wait to see you in person,
    and I will definitely tune into your program. I must get you to come this way, I am in Capitol Heights Md.
    God Bless you and I am with you.
    Min Kevin "Q" Alsop

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