Naimah Latif is President of Latif Communications Group, Inc., a publishing company specializing in history and sociology books used in elementary, high schools and colleges and sold to the general public. Her widely acclaimed books reach national and international audiences.

She is President and CEO of the Online Network of Associated Internet Radiohosts (ON AIR) an ever-expanding global guide to internet radio and telelvision hosts whose enlightening, transformative programs aid in the evolution of humanity toward higher consciousness.

She is Editor In Chief of ON AIR Magazine, a multi-media publication distributed in print and digitally online with links to radio and television interviews that accentuate the feature stories on individuals, organizations and events that enhance our global society.

 A partner in The Media Connection production company, along with John L. Alexander of John L. Alexander Photography, Naimah works with elected officials, business executives, educators and community leaders in creating promotional videos for television and the Internet.

 She is Executive Producer of The Media Connection TV Show, a weekly public affairs program that profiles individuals whose  activities are making a positive difference in their communities.

 She is author of the controversial book The Female Solution, a widely acclaimed “how to” guide for creating strong extended families and raising emotionally healthy children.

 She is Executive Producer of a morning radio talk show, The Female Solution, heard worldwide on Blogtalk Radio seven days a week, which provides a format for helpful dialogue on education, the arts, culture, personal relationships, business and finance, and all areas of mental, physical and emotional health. 

 She is co-author of the book Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma. This 384 page
textbook, written in collaboration with her late husband Sultan Abdul Latif, is used in elementary schools, high schools and colleges throughout the United States and abroad.

 Naimah assisted her husband Sultan in the writing of When Nations Gather, an in depth
examination of the links between Native American and African American history, culture, and spiritual beliefs as they relate to ancient prophesies about present day America.

 Naimah is author of Visits from the Dream State, an autobiographical glimpse of life after what we know as “death” written from diaries she kept of her husband’s spiritual visits and the revelations she received after his passing in 2007.

 A writer and co-producer of the musical docudrama A Hip Hop Journey With The Ancestors, she is also a poet, playwright, model and actress. She is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and a member of the Chicago Association of African American Photographers.

 Naimah has one daughter, Zakiyya Latif, and an extended family of children and grandchildren from her marriage to Sultan. An activist in the cause of building stable families, she conducted parenting classes for women inmates in Cook County Jail in Chicago to enable them to regain their children from State custody.

A strong supporter of multi-lingual education, Naimah continually studies to improve her fluency in sixteen languages: German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Twi, Yoruba, Wolof, Zulu, Swahili, Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. She also can communicate in American Sign Language for the Deaf. She is developing an international culture and language studies course for English speaking people.

 She is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, an international Muslim Missionary organization that provides social services in more than 200 countries worldwide.