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Hi, I'm Naimah Latif. Welcome to my Website. I'm really glad to see you, because I'm on a special mission: to touch your heart, enlighten your mind and inspire you to make a positive difference in the lives of others. So, I hope you enjoy reading my books, watching my videos and listening to my radio shows. You can purchase my books right here, just go to the Books page. Feel free to e-mail me with your feedback. Send your comments to naimah@naimahlatif.com. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person.

Women have the power to transform this world. We can end crime, violence and poverty, if we all agree to do one thing...share.Let's share our wisdom, our time, our talents, our finances, our challenges, our triumphs, and most of all, let's share our love. Join me, Naimah Latif and our team of radio hosts, Monday through Friday morning from 7:00 am to 9:00 am, Saturday 12 noon to 2pm and Sunday 5pm to 7pm CST as we connect with women everywhere and learn how to form healthy relationships with our loved ones. Collectively, we can heal our world. But first we need to heal ourselves. Listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/the-female-solution or by phone at  515-605-9325Call in and comment!

On Wednesdays, join us for a special three hour session on healing our personal relationships, 6am to 9am CST as we broadcast similtaneously on blogtalk radio station American Muslim 360. Listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com/americanmuslim360. Hear words of wisdom from our relationship experts Imam Karriem Hameed and Munirah Habeel. Call and comment, 515-605-9891.

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  • The Female Solution
  • Slavery: The African American Psychic Trauma
  • When Nations Gather
  • Visits From The Dream State

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Everybody's talking about The Female Solution! This controversial book is changing the culture of male/female relationships across America. Join me and a panel of enlightened women as we explore our relationships with each other and how our behavior shapes the men in our lives.